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Integrity, Fairness and Respect.

Integrity is essential for research, teaching and learning. The school tries hard to line the daily activities up to the institution’s motto “Display Honesty and Cultivate Virtue, Foster Ambition and Contribute to Society”. Academic integrity and rigor is the guiding principle in faculty and student handbooks. Information covering fund granting and expenditure is widely shared and well prepared for audit, which ensure transparency and openness organizational climate.

Fairness is essential for the evaluations that are part of the educational process. The School strives to achieve fairness in standards and procedures as well as in our evaluation of the work of others. The Code and Standards are reviewed annually and updated if necessary, taking into consideration of the fairness and consistency of their effects. Fairness is hold on throughout the school: fairness in teaching and learning, fairness in assessment, fairness in reward.

Respect is the foundation of our academic community. Appropriate speech and behaviors are legitimized to demonstrate respect for one another and for the educational process. Survey of School Climate is conducted every year to assess students’ perception of the school culture. The items “Teachers treat students with respect”, “Students treat classmates with respect.” “In their interactions with students, all school staff act in ways that demonstrate respect and consideration the school is trying to teach.” are all scored increasingly higher.